Our History

A Brief History

Dr. John Daniels of Daniels Chiropractic

Daniels Chiropractic

Dr. John is still called “The Master” around Daniels Chiropractic by anyone who knew him. An engineer by training, he left during WWII to fly as a B24 bomber tail gunner on at least 55 sorties over the Alps into Italy. Upon returning he was ready for a new direction and graduated from chiropractic school in 1947. When he purchased MO Brothers Chiropractic in 1948, Daniels Chiropractic was born.

Originally in a small office on High Street and then on Douglas Avenue, Dr. John was so busy people had to park and walk a ways for his care. He helped countless patients out of their pain and they loved him for it. Even today Dr. Dan and Dr. Don, sons of Dr. John, run into former patients and the hear stories of how their father helped them. Everyone who knew “Doc Daniels” counted him as a friend because he cared for people and not just their pain. When a patient couldn’t get out of bed, Doc Daniels came to the house to treat him!

Chiropractic care was not accepted as valid medicine in the early decades of Daniels, so Dr. John worked hard lobbying Congress for more favorable laws and tussled with the AMA until they saw the value in quality chiropractic care. The community, however, quickly came to appreciate the real difference that Daniels Chiropractic Care made in their lives.

Dr. John’s proudest moment was perhaps seeing 4 of his 6 sons become chiropractors and a part of the family legacy. Dr. Jim practiced with him from 1974-1978. Today, his sons Dr. Dan and Dr. Don along with his grandson Dr. John lead the practice at Daniels. They are still influenced by his methods of care that had genius beyond the classroom.

Dr. Don and his wife Liz purchased the family business in 1983 and have come a long way from the days of an avocado rotary phone and IBM Selectric II typewriter. Back then they could call every patient after their visit, asking “How are you feeling?” A simple yell down the hall sufficed to get each other’s attention. 

In 1985, Dr. Don saw the lot on Rapid’s Drive that he wanted to purchase. “It would be really nice to have that lot,” Dr. Don remembers saying outloud. 

Someone else snagged it first. In 1987 he drove past said, “They built on my lot!” 

“It would be great to have that building!” he concluded. Seven years later a realtor called them to see if they might be interested in the building. He had no idea how interested they were!  It has been their home ever since.

Then, and now, the most important thing to us at Daniels is helping the patient’s body heal itself and avoiding painful and expensive surgery or medicine. And our commitment to help each patient get the care they need, regardless of their financial situation, remains the same.

Instead of a one-doctor, one-administrator office, now 4 doctors treat countless patients at our Daniels office on Rapids Drive as well as at CrossFit in Racine with the help of 14+ office staff. 

With growth comes the opportunity to help make our community a better place through our work with Royal Kids Foster, Food Drive, Toy Drive, Girl Scout Camp, and fundraisers for local organizations.

Our leadership and team is the best it’s ever been. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company, work together to accomplish new goals, and daily strive to provide our patients with quality care and excellent service.

Our mission is to help you feel better, move better, and live better.