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Our hips are the largest joints in the body; they stabilize us and support most of us through many movements throughout the day. When the hips are healthy and functioning well, they make walking, turning, and squatting easy, painless, unnoticeable.

Hips connect our middle portion to our lower portion and bear significant weight while at rest and while in motion. Consisting of soft tissues, joints, and bones, the complex structure should move without restriction or complication. When impaired and unable to perform, balance, movement, and comfort are compromised.

Chiropractic care can effectively determine what’s causing your hip pain and relieve the discomfort at its source. Our Racine clinic provides a holistic and comprehensive assessment to ensure we find your imbalance and implement the most efficient treatment plan possible.

 Don’t let your hip pain distract you from your productivity for another day.


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Common Causes of Hip Pain

Our chiropractic care team works with various patients suffering from hip pain or mobility loss. Some patients are incredibly active, competing in long-distance running and other sporting events; others lead a more sedentary lifestyle, and some have been involved in an accident.

 Whatever the reason behind your hip pain, we’re confident we can be of benefit. It’s always best to get medical treatment at the first sign of discomfort; however, many of us put off getting the care our bodies are asking for.

 When injured, your daily routine is at risk, and functioning physically and mentally can become limited and challenging. 


Our Racine chiropractic clinic has helped those with numerous hip injuries and symptoms, including:

  • Tight hip muscles
  • Loss of range of motion in the joint
  • Hip stiffness
  • Aching in the hip area while at rest
  • Radiating pain from the lower back into the hips
  • Radiating pain from the hips down one of the legs
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Inability to perform physical activity and daily tasks comfortably


Is My Hip Pain Due to Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back and through each buttock, hip, and leg, making it the largest nerve in the body. Any injury along the nerve is referred to as sciatica. And while it can cause hip pain, sciatica usually causes pain in the buttock, back of the thigh, and calf.

 Many patients who visit a chiropractor for hip pain believe the injury is sciatica related. In some cases, they're correct. Sciatica appears when the sciatic nerve becomes impaired, generally due to pressure placed on the nerve root by surrounding injured soft tissues.

 However, sciatica is not always the culprit. In fact, in many cases, hip discomfort is a reaction to a back or spine injury. Chiropractors are known to provide extensive full-body exams before creating a wellness plan to ensure the cause of pain is known and can be effectively treated.


There are many conditions more prevalent than sciatica that lead to hip pain and other symptoms, including:

  • Inflammation of the soft tissues
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Hip flexor injury
  • Natural aging and wear and tear
  • Sprained or strained tissues
  • Herniated disc or degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Gluteal tendonitis
  • Poor stability and muscle weakness
  • Nerve irritation, pinched nerve, nerve impingement


Chiropractic solutions maximize soft tissue and joint health through safe, non-invasive treatments. Promoting a natural recovery process strengthens, invigorates, and empowers the body so you can get back to living in comfort faster.

Whether your hip pain comes from a spine injury, improper movement patterns, or overuse, we’ll create a meticulous treatment plan around your needs.


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Who Experiences Hip Pain

Whether standing or walking, our hips work to support, balance, and stabilize us, so their health is an integral part of our usual routine. No matter our lifestyle choices, most of us depend on the full function of our hip joints regularly.

When the hips are stiff, lacking in flexibility, or in pain, the integrity of our movements is jeopardized. Getting safe, natural care to end hip discomfort will get you moving with confidence. Because chiropractic treatments are conservative and non-invasive, we can help all kinds of patients.


Pregnancy Patients

Pregnant women have several physical, hormonal, and emotional changes to manage throughout their pregnancy. Finding comfort is usually at the top of the list, as once we’re moving, sleeping, and feeling well, handling other aspects becomes less challenging.

Hip pain is common among pregnant women because the hips move and expand to make a safe space for the baby. Chiropractic care is gentle, allowing us to help relieve hip pain while keeping you and your baby protected.


Sports Injury Patients

We know meeting your physical goals is your priority, and nothing can get in the way of that more than an injury. We can help you at every stage: before, during, and after an event. Athletes ask a lot of their bodies, so getting safe, effective care is pivotal to reaching the finish line.

Proactive care will get your body prepared, strong, and optimized to increase your performance, and we’ll offer guidance regarding things such as movement, lifting, throwing, and running techniques.

While many sportspeople prioritize training and competing, healing your body after an event is just as important. After putting your body through extreme measures, getting the rehabilitation you need will ensure it gets the rest and restoration necessary to carry you through to the next round of training.


Work Injury Patients

From sitting at a desk for hours a day to physically laborious jobs, many issues can arise if the proper care isn’t provided to the body. Exercising, stretching, strengthening, and joint care all serve to keep your body safe while working.

Chiropractic solutions can heal work-related injuries due to the overuse of joints and soft tissues, but they can also help with traumatic acute injuries that happen on the job, such as a fall or blow.

Talk with our team about your work-related injury; we’re happy to help and will work with your workers’ compensation claim to ensure you get the treatment you need.


Other patients we commonly work with to end their hip pain include:

  • Highly active patients (exercise or sports)
  • Repetitive use patients (athletes or those with a physical occupation)
  • Sedentary patients (desk workers, gamers, injured)
  • Senior and regular wear and tear patients
  • Those who stand for work
  •  Prenatal or weight gain patients
  • Patients with poor posture, ergonomics, and workstation setup
  • Those with habitual poor moving patterns
  • Slip and fall patients
  • Auto injury patients


Our Racine chiropractic clinic will help you perform at your best, get comfortable and confident, and meet your wellness goals.


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Chiropractic Solutions to Treat Hip Pain

Ending your hip discomfort is closer than you think. We utilize numerous trusted chiropractic methods to end your pain and restore function quickly.


Some of our chiropractic treatments for hip pain include:

  • Chiropractic care: adjustments made to targeted joints and soft tissues using a swift, forceful thrust, regaining balance and alignment to the spine or affected area so the hip can move free from restriction
  • Laser therapy: deep tissue penetration to restore injured areas quickly, effectively, and painlessly, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation
  • Rehabilitation and exercise therapy: exercises and stretches based on your needs and goals will strengthen the body, provide flexibility to the soft tissues of the hip and allow for better joint movement
  • Muscle and soft tissue therapies: restoring the function and placement of affected tissues removes undue pressure from targeted areas as circulation is increased, and inflammation and scar tissue are decreased 


Let us encourage your body to naturally heal, avoiding risky and time-consuming surgery, and giving you the tools to responsibly care for yourself going forward.

Our chiropractic team provides take-home exercises, stretches, advice, and guidance to complement your in-clinic care and get you the advanced results you’re looking for. The stronger your body, the less likely you are to re-injure it.


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