Early Warning Signs Of Sciatica

Early Warning Signs Of Sciatica

At Daniels Chiropractic Office, our Racine, Caledonia, and Mt Pleasant chiropractor has over 60 years of experience providing chiropractic care for sciatica. We are here to share with you early warning signs of sciatica that suggest it's time to visit our chiropractic clinic. 

What are Some Signs of Sciatica? 

Pain that shifts or radiates could be sciatica or compression of the sciatic nerve. Early warning signs of sciatica include pain that radiates from the back down the legs or buttocks, pain that is worse when you're sitting down, shooting pain, muscle weakness, pins and needles feeling, or a burning sensation in the legs. 

Sciatica pain often appears on one side of the body, rather than both. So if your pain affects the back of your legs but not the front, for instance, it's probably sciatica. One service our chiropractor offers is a consultation, where you can learn about sciatica and get your symptoms checked out. 

How Our Chiropractors Treat Sciatica 

Sciatica pain varies in intensity depending on your level of sciatic nerve compression, among other factors. Some people find the pain comes and goes, while other people experience debilitating, long-lasting pain. 

When you come in for our consultation service, we'll talk with you about your symptoms and take a health history. We'll also do a physical examination to determine whether it's sciatica and whether there is an underlying condition causing your sciatica, such as a herniated disc or lumbar spinal stenosis. 

Our examination will guide us in developing a personalized treatment plan to relieve sciatica pain and restore wellness. Treatment methods we offer include soft tissue release, chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle advice, and corrective exercises. 

Soft tissue therapies allow us to soften up your muscles while relieving pain and inflammation, to reduce your sciatica symptoms. When we release your tissue before chiropractic adjustments, we can go deeper with the adjustment. In terms of sciatica treatment, this means faster pain relief of your sciatica and underlying symptoms. Rounding out our care is lifestyle advice that helps you return to an active life. 

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