Do I Have Fibromyalgia? Common Symptoms To Check For

Do I Have Fibromyalgia? Common Symptoms To Check For

Do frequent aches, symptoms of fatigue, and brain fog have you thinking of visiting our Caledonia, Mt Pleasant and Racine chiropractor for wellness care? Learn whether the symptoms you're feeling could be fibromyalgia, and how we provide treatment for this condition.

What are Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

The main symptoms of fibromyalgia include fatigue and widespread muscle pain, concentrated along specific "tender points," which include the neck, back, elbow, and knees. A pins and needles feeling is common as well. Fibromyalgia pain varies in intensity and duration.

Fibromyalgia patients often are very tired, yet experience difficulty sleeping. Many get confused, forgetful, or anxious, while others have increased sensitivity to cold or to pain. Some patients have GI symptoms as well, such as irritable bowel, bloating, or excessive gas.

While there is no known cure for fibromyalgia, the symptoms can be managed without the use of pain medication with chiropractic care.

Fibromyalgia Care in Wisconsin

When you come in for fibromyalgia care, we'll do a physical examination and ask after your symptoms, to get a full picture of how you are affected by fibromyalgia. Then we will develop a treatment plan to reduce your symptoms of pain and inflammation while boosting your nervous system, which controls your body's response to pain.

Chiropractic adjustments strengthen the nervous system by clearing out blockages along the spine, which the nervous system uses for communication. By relieving blockages through natural adjustments, we allow your nervous system to respond to fibro pain. This promotes whole body pain management and relieves ancillary symptoms of fibromyalgia, from brain fog to digestive problems.

For tissue pain and relief along the fibro tender points, we use myofascial release and physiotherapy. These methods loosen tight tissue, soothe pain, increase the range of motion, and reduce flare-ups at tender points, with also soothing stress and boosting your nervous system function.

To soothe the whole body and improve your quality of life, we may make lifestyle suggestions or demonstrate corrective exercises. These treatments are designed to help you avoid triggers, improve your mental and physical well-being, and live with fibromyalgia.

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