Dr. Edward Lockhart III

Dr. Edward Lockhart III


Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern University of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science - Human Anatomy, Northwestern University of Health Sciences

Continuing Education

Activator Technique
ART - Active Release Technique
Extremity Adjusting
McKenzie Level A & B
Thompson Technique
Chiropractic Nutrition

Professional Memberships

Wisconsin Chiropractic Association


Crossfit Level 1 Coach
WCA Nutrition
Rocktape FMT Basic and Performance
FAKTR soft tissue (Graston)
SFMA Level 1

Dr. Lockhart didn’t believe in chiropractic care. He doubted its effectiveness. The day he changed his mind, he also changed his major. After years of wear and tear on his mid distance sprinter body, his lower back gave way to severe pain. He could no longer do a full workout or finish a race with out pain. That is until he met Dr. Andrew Bakken whose chiropractic care helped him finish his junior season and discover a new career path.

At University of Wisconsin Parkside, he studied biology and exercise science. After getting his Bachelor of Science in Human biology from Northwestern Health Sciences University, he went on to get his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington MN.

Ed has a clear passion to help others. From rebuilding houses after Hurricane Katrina and mending homes on a South Dakota Indian Reservation, to volunteering at Special Olympics and summer kids camps, he loves investing in others. You will often find him treating athletes at Crossfit events. Leading the Rehab 2 Performance Club in college was for him a way to help inspire other students to live and perform better.

To be robust in his chiropractic care, he has pursued the following: FMT basic and performance certified by Rocktape, FAKTR (IASTM) certified, (MFR)- myofascial release technique, (FMS & SFMA) – Functional movement screening and Selective functional movement assessment, Therapeutic Exercise and Rehab programming and courses in Activator, DNS, and McKenzie Method. He is pursuing CSCS, CCSP, and EMT certifications and further Crossfit certificates.

An avid member of the Crossfit community, he coaches and trains at Harbor Park CrossFit holding his (CF-L1) coaching certificate, he has a passion for helping athletes with rehab and optimizing performance. He also enjoys playing sports, being outdoors, spending time with family, and serving others.