Understanding the Symptoms and Treatment Options for Sciatica from our Caledonia Chiropractor

When pressure pinches the sciatic nerve, sciatica occurs. This nerve, which passes from the feet to the back, can become pinched anywhere, leading to a variety of painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

While for some patients, sciatic pain becomes less bothersome over time, this isn’t always true. By booking an appointment with our Caledonia chiropractor for pain relief, you can ensure you’re feeling better sooner.

sciatica relief from your chiropractor in racine, WI

What Are the Symptoms of Sciatica?

Those who have sciatica often only report pain in three areas of the body: the legs, the buttocks, and the lower back. This pain is only on a single side of the body.

Each day, the symptoms of sciatic pain may be different, with some days worse than others. Here are symptoms to look out for and report to your chiropractor:

  • Mild lower back pain that’s still uncomfortable
  • Aches that sometimes affect the toes and feet, but not always
  • Issues with walking and standing
  • Strong pain that seems to travel up and down the leg to the buttocks and back
  • A feeling of weakness in the foot or leg
  • Lack of sensation, sometimes referred to as prickling or pins and needles, most often in the legs
  • Intense, uncomfortable bouts of pain, except in the lower back

Some patients may notice that if they sit down or stand for long periods, their sciatic symptoms seem to increase. If they get outside and walk (or do other light activity) or if they rest, the discomfort often abates.

As mentioned, symptoms are not always the same from patient to patient. The reason for this has to do with the spine and its various nerve roots. The S1 through S3 are the sacral segments of the spine, while the L4 and L5 are the lumbar segments of the spine.

The sciatic nerve runs through all these. If the nerve was pinched at one segment compared to the other, certain parts of the body are more symptomatic.

For instance, if the pinched nerve is around the S1 nerve root, then ankle, heel, foot, and toe symptoms are more likely. If the L4 nerve root is pinched, it may be tough to keep legs completely straight, as the thigh is often the most symptomatic. If the L5 nerve root is pinched, pain is most likely centralized around the ankles and big toe.

How Treatment From Our Chiropractor Can Help

Your chiropractor can lessen the pressure on the pinched nerve through chiropractic techniques like manipulations, adjustments, and spinal decompression. Chiropractic care may completely treat sciatica pain or reduce the frequency and intensity of symptoms.  

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