Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief From Your Racine Chiropractor

Neck pain can put extraordinary limitations on your everyday life, as you may know all too well. If you've heard about the power of chiropractic care to correct painful conditions of the back and neck, you're in luck. Our Racine chiropractor on our team at Daniels Chiropractic Office can provide chiropractic service and other treatments to help make your neck pain a thing of the past.

neck pain relief from your racine chiropractor

Neck Pain Causes and Effects

An ache in the neck can mean many things -- including the possibility that your head may not be on straight. A slight imbalance in the way your skull rests on your top cervical vertebrae can put your neck muscles under constant stress. Or you may be causing the imbalance yourself through poor head and neck posture. If for instance, your head is constantly dropping to look at mobile device screens, you may have a type of strain popularly known as "text neck." The neck often develops its own problems due to degenerative conditions. Bulging discs in the cervical spine can alter spinal height, straining the joints that connect the vertebrae and possibly leading to neck arthritis. Reductions in spinal canal space (stenosis) or the sliding of one vertebra over another (spondylolisthesis) are other causes of chronic neck pain.

The exposed position of the neck makes it vulnerable to painful injuries. One of the most well-known neck injury syndromes is whiplash, which occurs when the head is whipped forward and backward with great force. This force can cause you to lose your proper vertebral alignment and joint position while also producing torn muscles and herniated discs in the neck. Herniated discs can prove very sensitive and painful on their own, but they can also push their way onto surrounding nerve tissue.

Conservative Neck Pain Care From Your Racine Chiropractor

Whether you have an annoying muscle ache or an acute disc injury, your Racine chiropractor at Daniels Chiropractic Office can help you feel better without going to such extreme measures as invasive surgery or heavy pain-killing drugs. Our conservative approach to neck pain care starts with a detailed examination of your cervical spine and discussion of your symptoms. This allows to find and treat the underlying cause of your pain, not just the pain itself.

Chiropractic care is both safe and effective for neck pain treatment. Instrument-based methods such as our Impulse Adjusting IQ allow for very subtle, painless upper cervical adjustments to rebalance the weight on your neck muscles. Tight or strained neck muscles can also benefit from soft tissue manipulation, especially right before a chiropractic session. e also offer corrective exercises to help you recover from injuries and lifestyle advice to correct your neck/head posture.

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