Disc Disorders

Treatment for Painful Disc Problems from Daniels Chiropractic Office

When you're plagued by back pain, neck pain, or odd and uncomfortable symptoms in your extremities, you may be experiencing problems with your spinal column's natural shock absorbers -- the cartilaginous discs that separate and protect your vertebrae from life's bumps and jolts. While these discs are normally good at preventing painful injuries, bulging or herniated (slipped) discs can cause some serious pain and disability of their own. When that ache, pain or numb sensation demands a solution, you'll be happy to know that our chiropractors at Daniels Chiropractic Office can provide the treatment you need without resorting to risky painkillers or invasive surgical procedures.

disc disorders treatment from your chiropractor in racine

What You Should Know About Disc Injury and Degeneration

Your spinal discs have a tough job, and by and large, they perform it very capably. These springy, durable structures sit between adjacent vertebrae, where they not only absorb vibrations and impacts but also maintain a certain amount of space between vertebrae (which permits the facet joints that connect the vertebrae to function easily and normally). But when these discs lose their structural integrity and/or get shifted out of position, they can wreak havoc on your quality of life. The two principal categories of disc problem are:

Bulging Disc

A bulging disc is typically one that has lost some of its water content over the years. This degenerative condition causes the discs' gelatinous inner material, the nucleus pulposus, to shrink, allowing the disc to bulge outward. As the disc grows flatter, the facet joints may become chronically strained by the reduction in intervertebral space, producing the telltale ache and joint degeneration of arthritis.

Herniated Disc

 When a rupture develops in the outer covering the disc (the annulus fibrosus), the inner material may push outward to create a herniated disc. Herniated discs may occur due to acute injuries such as auto or sports accidents, or they are produced by the stresses on an already-flattened bulging disc. A herniated disc may cause neck or back pain. It can also put pressure on local nerve roots, causing them to send out waves of pain as well as dysfunctional sensory or motor signals. (Sciatica in the legs and cervical radiculopathy in the arms are infamous examples.)

Natural Care Options at Daniels Chiropractic Office

Your chiropractor at Daniels Chiropractic Office can provide natural care for your bulging or slipped disc. Once we've isolated the disc in question, we can perform specialized treatment methods such as the Gonstead Technique, which gently restores discs, vertebrae and facet joints to their normal working relationship without applying any unnecessary rotary or flexion force to the disc. Other techniques such as Thompson Drop Table and Diversified Technique can correct longstanding alignment errors that make you prone to slipped or bulging disc problems. Our methods can help you manage degenerative pain conditions and heal from acute injuries.

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