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Conservative Back Pain Treatment From Our Racine Chiropractors

Back pain can take many forms and occur for many reasons. Whether you're suffering from upper back pain or lower back pain, our Racine chiropractors can help. Daniels Chiropractic Office has the skills, expertise, and advanced treatment techniques to manage or completely relieve back pain through conservative care -- and we're happy to provide this service to area residents just like you.

back pain treatment from your chiropractor in racine

Understanding Your Upper or Lower Back Pain

You may be wondering why you have back pain at all, especially if you haven't experienced any recent accident injuries. But this complaint an just as easily spring from years of wear and tear on the spinal column and/or the muscles that support it -- especially if an abnormal spinal alignment is making things worse by placing unnatural stresses on these structures. The result may be a distracting ache in the upper back (thoracic spine) or the lower back (lumbar spine). Common causes of chronic back pain may include:

  • Arthritis of the spinal facet joints
  • Bulging discs that reduce spinal height and may interfere with nerve function
  • Herniated discs that press against major nerve roots
  • Spinal stenosis, in which the canal housing the spinal cord pinches nerve tissue
  • Spondylolisthesis, in which two or more vertebrae drift out of their relative front-to-back position
  • Repetitive strain in the back muscles due to poor posture, alignment or workplace ergonomics
  • Excess weight

Whereas chronic back pain may take years to develop, acute back pain may disable you in an instant. In an auto accident, for example, the severe twisting motions of your body may cause muscle strains and subluxation in upper back and ribs. The same forces can knock your lumbar discs out of position and/or cause them to herniate.

Relieving That Ache Though Natural Care

Whatever has caused that dull ache or sharp pain in your upper or lower back, our chiropractors at Daniels Chiropractic Office are at your service with natural treatment options. First, we will evaluate your symptoms and examine your spine carefully to pinpoint the exact source of your distress. We can then administer non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatments such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to address subluxation and bring spinal components back in line with each other
  • Soft tissue treatments to enhance chiropractic sessions, ease pain and speed the healing process
  • Corrective exercises to help you rehabilitate an injured back or build stronger support
  • Lifestyle recommendations such as weight loss or workplace changes to help you minimize back pain risk
  • We can bring several of these healing techniques together in a personalized, holistic treatment program that can help you keep back pain at bay.

It's Time to Call Your Racine Chiropractor

Now that your search for a "Racine chiropractor near me" has ended, your path toward safe, effective back pain relief is just beginning. Call Daniels Chiropractic Office at 262-638-9999 to schedule an appointment at our clinic!


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